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Top Floor Treasures is the virtual base and blog of UK multi-media artist Zoe Ford. Zoe is a painter, an art journal enthusiast and a compulsive zendoodler.

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Top Floor Treasures’ as a business was born in 2009 out of a strong desire to bring more creativity in to my life, and has evolved so much since then…

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It all started with a temperamental old sewing machine; with me making cushions, tote bags and pencil cases. I eventually progressed to doing what my heart really wanted – painting, zendoodling and art journaling. I don’t sew very much these days. Sometimes I miss it. But not as much as I’d miss the arty stuff.

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You can find my art prints on various online selling platforms, but my main focus is my Etsy shop. This is the only place you’ll find my original art for sale. I have also recently started teaching art classes at Skillshare. There’s all kinds of things to see here at TFT HQ, so put your feet up and get to know me