100 Ways I Know I Have Asperger’s Syndrome

100 ways i know i have aspergers syndrome

A light-hearted look at the things that make up my Asperger’s brain.

{This is List #3 in my ‘52 Lists‘ series}

These are things that apply to me personally, but may not apply to you or other aspie females you know. I’m by no means an expert on autism spectrum disorders but I have lived with it all my life and I’m an expert in how it affects me.

Edited to add: At the time of writing this post (November 2015) I didn’t yet have a ‘formal’ diagnosis but I’d had pre-assessment tests (see #1) and had been on the waiting list for 21 months. My diagnosis eventually came through in December 2016. This list was written just as a bit of fun and should not be used to assess whether or not you are on the spectrum. If you have concerns, research it some more and see your doctor.

  1. An expert told me it’s highly likely I have Asperger’s
  2. I love making lists
  3. Love my routines
  4. Don’t like change
  5. I’d rather stay home
  6. Perfectly happy with my own company
  7. Cats
  8. Hate small talk but do it when I have to
  9. Wear earplugs when there’s too many different noises at once
  10. Easily upset
  11. The seams in my socks irritate me
  12. Light touch makes me itch
  13. I don’t understand forgiveness
  14. Struggle with interpreting facial expressions correctly
  15. Can’t always tell when others are being serious or sarcastic
  16. There are 342 tiles in my bathroom
  17. I think other people think I’m weird
  18. I think I’m weird
  19. I’m much louder than I think I am when I whisper
  20. Don’t know when it’s my turn to speak on the phone
  21. I can look you in the eyes while we talk and hold that gaze a long time. With some people I find it’s not so easy.
  22. Thank goodness for Google because I do love finding things out
  23. Taught myself how to build websites
  24. Spent 2 weeks building this website and did nothing else until it was done (inc. much sleeping)
  25. I get in a muddle. A lot.
  26. Getting mentally ‘stuck’ when my routines are interrupted
  27. The round dinner plates need to be stacked separately from the square dinner plates and god forbid you make me a sandwich and do it wrong.
  28. Cats
  29. Eat with fork in ‘wrong’ hand. It works for me, who cares?
  30. I interrupt frequently. I’ll forget what I wanted to say if I don’t
  31. Co-morbid conditions: serious depression, anxiety, possible ADHD and PTSD
  32. Clumsy. Always hurting myself, burning myself, stubbing my toes and walking into table corners.
  33. Difficulty managing time, live in my own personal time-zone
  34. Collector of things
  35. Book devourer
  36. Need to know everything that happened in WW1 and WW2. Everything. But won’t remember much of what I learn.
  37. Realising I’m smiling when I shouldn’t be
  38. No, YOU go in first! I’ll follow.
  39. Fashion? Style? I has none
  40. Nice new hairstyles last about a week before reverting to the ponytail
  41. Mild hoarding tendencies
  42. Like big words, don’t know what half of them mean
  43. Oh look, she used to be in that other TV show!
  44. Oh look, it’s whatshisname who used to be married to that other actor!
  45. Massive celebrity / music trivia bank in my brain. I don’t even know why because I’m really not that interested…
  46. …and yet, I have a crap memory
  47. Difficulty recognising people out of context = if I always see you in a uniform and you’re not wearing it today then I might not realise who you are
  48. Sunglasses always on head outside in case it’s too bright
  49. Bright sunlight causes pain in my eyes
  50. Flickering lights can also be a problem
  51. Remembering all the words from all the songs
  52. Too much noise + bottled up stress = tears + a dark, quiet room
  53. Sensory memory triggered by smells and songs
  54. Details, details, details
  55. Why use ten words when you can use 200?
  56. Visual learning because too many verbal instructions = confusion
  57. I can listen to one song on repeat and not get bored
  58. Gifted at over-sharing
  59. Queen of procrastination
  60. What’s today’s ailment?
  61. Cats
  62. Constantly very busy brain
  63. Overwhelm can make me ‘zone out’
  64. Most comfortable dressing like a male (jeans, hoodie, trainers) but rarely do these days because I’m supposed to be a 38 year old woman
  65. Music is a way for me to escape
  66. Reading is another way for me to escape
  67. The sound of my ‘thinking’ voice has many different accents
  68. Rarely bored
  69. I like counting things (see #16)
  70. Socialising is much easier with alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol gave me confidence. Cigarettes gave me something to do with my hands. I no longer drink or smoke so socialising has pretty much stopped
  71. Either my hands or feet are always moving. Tapping, twisting, flicking, clenching, wiggling.
  72. I have disordered eating habits
  73. Not knowing if I’ve acted or spoken in a socially acceptable way
  74. Needing quiet time to decompress after a day out
  75. Dreading going places because home is the only place I can be ‘me’
  76. Very sensitive to animals suffering
  77. Struggles with leaving my cat alone (stupid, I know) because I know what abandonment feels like and he’s been abandoned before.
  78. Desperately wanting to fit in, always feeling like an outsider
  79. I can’t let go of things that make me angry or hurt
  80. Everything’s black or white, there is no grey
  81. I believe I have a really fantastic sense of direction until I get us lost
  82. I have huge empathy for animals and people in distressing situations, though I tend to keep it hidden
  83. I’m not like Rainman because I don’t have savant syndrome. Many of us don’t.
  84. I’m not like Sheldon Cooper. Apart from “you’re in my spot
  85. A deep thinker, constantly analysing everything
  86. A vivid, full-colour dreamer, always have been
  87. Need a written script before making important phonecalls
  88. Very immature sense of humour
  89. Have a very strong intuition & judge of character
  90. Wanting to fit in, but wanting to be myself. Knowing it’s not possible.
  91. Highly visual memory
  92. Socially awkward
  93. I get my words jumbled up a lot because my brain works faster than I can talk
  94. Always asking questions: How does this work? What does that mean? Why?
  95. The types of food I like are quite limited
  96. I like each day to look basically the same
  97. Difficulty understanding or interpreting other peoples’ motives or intentions
  98. Some minor difficulties with tiny tasks like plugging in my phone charger
  99. Did I mention how much I love cats?? I feel like I’m very similar to my cat. He’s on my wavelength. Yeah, I know that’s weird 😉
  100. The fact I wrote this massive list.

Zoe Sig

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