31 Things To Draw


For the month of January I took part in Lisa Congdon’s ’31 Things To Draw’ online class. It wasn’t about drawing perfectly (because believe me when I say that I truly believed I Could Not Draw!) it was more about just trying and seeing what happened. I didn’t take part for the whole of the month, but I’ll show you all the daily drawings I did.

1 - 31TTD2 - 31TTD3 - 31TTD4 - 31TTD5 - 31TTD6 - 31TTD7 - 31TTD8 - 31TTD9 - 31TTD10 - 31TTD11 - 31TTD12 - 31TTD13 - 31TTD14 - 31TTD15 - 31TTD16 - TTD17 - 31TDD18 - 31TTD19 - 31TTD20 - 31TTD21 - 31TTD22 - 31TTDNow, they’re not all what I consider to be ‘good’ drawings – more doodles really – but there are some that I think came out much better than I thought they would. I now know I can draw. Not always well, but I can draw.

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