Art Journal Pages from 2015

It’s been a while since I blogged any art journal pages, so I’m bringing back the ‘My Life in Art Journals’ series and continuing the catch-up.

Let’s have a big flick through my art journal from March 2015 to the end of 2015 shall we? Click on the images to see bigger.

I also want to talk a bit about boundaries.

Someone once emailed and asked me to stop blurring out parts of my art journal pages. She came across as more concerned with reading my personal diary than looking at the art aspect, or the way the pages were put together, or the techniques and supplies that were being used.

I’m not the kind of person who does art journaling just for show. I don’t do it to show off beautiful pages and inspire people online. If people are inspired anyway, that’s fantastic! I started art journaling when I was diagnosed with severe depression in 2011 and I’ve kept it up as a kind of therapy. Therefore, a lot of what I write in my journal is personal.

I put my pages out there so you can see the art aspect and the fun stuff. The writing aspect isn’t really there to be read (for the most part it’s pretty mundane!), but I’m fine with people reading whatever I leave visible. The personal stuff isn’t for other peoples consumption. It just isn’t. And asking me not to blur out that stuff is a really entitled attitude to have. It’s for me, I don’t owe it to anyone.

Now, only one person has asked me to ditch the blur tool in all the years I’ve been doing this, and I’m hoping no one else will. I’m pretty sure most people would recognise immediately why a page had things blurred out, respect my entitlement to privacy and not tell me my photos don’t look good because of it. I don’t care if it makes the photo look less attractive. My privacy is more important to me than anyone else’s bizarre need to read a stranger’s diary.

I know that 99% of people will completely understand and respect this. I felt the need to mention it because there are a lot of photos today and almost all have something blurred out.

Those were the final spreads in my Junque Journal!

Moving on, to my second 2015 art journal:

Like the junque journal, this one is also handbound, but instead of making up the pages from junk pieces of paper I had lying around, I used thick acrylic paper from a local art supply shop. It’s really stiff and holds up really well no matter what you throw at it. The cover is bound with a vibrant Kaffe Fassett cotton fabric I had in my stash from way back.

The old photo on this next page is of my great-grandparents on their wedding day in 1913. They look so unhappy! I’m hoping that was only to do with having to wait an age for the camera to take the photo…

The image in the postcard on the next page is off the stained glass window in the Tate St Ives gallery, designed by Patrick Heron, whose art I love.

The borders on the following page were made with my own hand-carved rubber stamps.

I didn’t do much myself in the next double page spread! The ‘True Face Creed’ and the picture of the woman belonged to my daughter, who gave them to me. I merely painted the page, stuck down the cards, drew white zendoodles behind the woman’s head and gave that card a border.

I love the next page. The background of the left half is available as an instant download and printable in my Etsy store if you love it as much as I do. Just click the little Etsy thumbnail to take a look:

And with that, I can wrap up 2015 at last!

If you blog your art journal pages, please do add a link to your latest pages in the widget below so I can visit (note: post URLs only, not blog URLs please)

It’s taken me a week to edit all these photos, I think I’ll be blogging my 2016 journal in stages!  😀

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