How Best To Move Forward?

It’s March 9th and this is the first post on my blog this year. What happened to stop me blogging?

My official Autism Spectrum Condition diagnosis happened and I received the written report about it.

I’ve known for over 3 years that I was on the spectrum, but it took that long to get The Official Word from a specialist. And now, almost daily, I get hit by revelation after revelation that actually my ‘condition’ has been pretty obvious all my life, if only there had been people around me who knew the signs and could spot them. Honestly, it’s astonishing, the things I’m discovering about myself-now and my past-self. It’s simultaneously enlightening and devastating.

This was supposed to be a blog about my little art business, but lately all I want to talk about here is this diagnosis. I have 3 unpublished draft posts about it. And I haven’t been doing a great deal of art lately because I’ve had other problems that have prevented me from getting on with things. (Namely, The Great Insomnia War of 2016-2017, which I won, and The Battle of Depression, which is ongoing). So how to move forward?

The renewal of my web hosting is coming up in May and I’m unsure whether or not to renew as it doesn’t come cheap. I feel like I’m entering a new chapter in life and I don’t know whether to

  • renew this website and continue hardly ever posting about art
  • renew this website and bore my artsy readers to death posting about autism/aspergers
  • close this website and start a new one focused on autism/aspergers, with occasional art, or
  • run two sites side by side (I’d probably use a free blog platform for the second blog).

I would be sad to see this website go, in a way. But in other ways it could be a relief. I’m not even sure people are still reading anyway. Maybe I’m just whispering into the void.

But if I close it, there’s the problem of this web address being Out There. There are links back to here all over the place and on products I’ve sold and then how will people find me? Do I even want people to find me?

I feel an urge for a reinvention, but I have no idea if it’s the right thing to do or a step in completely the wrong direction.

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7 thoughts on “How Best To Move Forward?

  1. Hiya Zoe, it would be a shame to close it all down and lose your domain and content. Although I know it can all be costly which is a serious consideration. There should be a way for you to have a main landing page/ cover page where visitors can choose whether to go to art related content or aspergers related content, but if possible, still on the one website and easily travel between the two. Especially if there is an overlap and you sometimes writebabout both in one blog post. I think Squarespace allows you to do this i.e. one website, more than one blog etc. Even if you are not updating the art blog/pages for a while, it would be great if they are still there for people to find and for you to go back there when you want to. Good luck with your transition 😊

  2. I say, follow your urge. It’s pushing you in a direction for a reason. Whatever you choose, I will follow you because I care about what is going on in your life and in your art. <3

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