Documented Life: Another Trip to London!

WEEK 29:

So, I’m a little behind with blogging my Documented Life Project art journal pages, but I will get caught up over the next couple of days. I’ve pretty much stopped doing the DLP journal prompts. I prefer to just do my own thing and go with the flow rather than have to think about how I’m going to incorporate someone else’s idea of what I should include in my journal. That doesn’t mean I won’t do any more of the prompts; just that I haven’t done any for a while and I don’t know when I next will.

Week 29 then!

The backstory: We had been away camping for a week (week 28, here) when Little Miss Ford announces that she bought the three of us tickets to go and attend a talk and book signing in London by one of her favourite authors. Her favourite. Not mine. Not his. She had done this without asking permission despite the fact that she would need us on side so we could drive her to the city and look after her if she had a panic attack.

I wasn’t especially happy about it. We’d just had an exhausting week away (our holidays are never very relaxing, we pack too much in!) and I needed time to get back into my normal routines. But what could we do? She had already bought the tickets, in secret. She had us over a barrel!

#documentedlife week 29 art journal page by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

So we went. And, apart from the panic attack that hit her full force on a London Underground platform on the way to the event, we had a nice evening. Due to the aforementioned panic attack, we arrived late and had missed the talk, but Waterstones Piccadilly has a lovely quiet area with armchairs where Amber could relax while the queue to get books signed got shorter.

#documentedlife week 29 art journal page by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

She got her books signed eventually; we went off to find some dinner and then made the long journey home again.

#documentedlife week 29 art journal page by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

EDITED TO ADD: Amber took lots of great photos on our trip to London, visit her blog and event report here to see them! She made sure that the author signed one of the books without a personal dedication – so you’ll find an awesome SIGNED COPY OF ‘LANDLINE’ BY RAINBOW ROWELL GIVEAWAY at the bottom of her post too! And it’s open worldwide!

And that’s all the art journaling I did for week 29. Other arty things included making more index card art for the ICAD Challenge and getting a pack of artsy stuff together to send to an Instagram friend in the USA.


Documented Life: The Vacation Week!

WEEK 28:

For week 28 of the Documented Life Project I was away with my family in the-best-place-in-the-world-ever. Long time readers of my blog will know that I absolutely adore Cornwall (and for my international readers, which is most of you, that’s the furthest you can go in the UK to the south-west before you fall into the Atlantic!)

Of course, I took an art journal and some basic supplies. We were camping in our new tent and I was very limited to what I could take. I couldn’t take my Documented Life journal/planner because that thing weighs a TON! So I took my large watercolour Moleskine instead. I also took a black pen, a white pen, a pencil, a black ink-pad, a few hand-carved stamps and my set of watercolour paints. Very basic!!

The thing is, the Moleskine pages are bigger and won’t fit in my DL journal so I’m just going to leave them in the Moleskine and I’ll have a blank week in the DL journal where I can do whatever if I feel like it.

I did all of this art journaling while I was away, but I left plenty of spaces to add in the photos after I got home. Here we go then! (Click images to see bigger)

#DocumentedLife  Week 28 #ArtJournal #Page by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures





Best. Holiday. Ever.


Documented Life: Week 26/52

Last week was pretty good all in all. I got my new watercolour paints to play with, went to see a movie with my daughter, made some lovely ICADs, read a lot, planned where I’d like to travel to one day….

#DocumentedLife #artjournal week 26 by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

#DocumentedLife  Week 26 #ArtJournal #Page by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

It was exams week for my daughter so as a treat, I took her to watch ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ which is the movie adaptation of John Green’s book (which Amber LOVES). I too have read the book and was very surprised indeed to find the movie was better than the book!

#DocumentedLife  Week 26 #ArtJournal #Page by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

#DocumentedLife  Week 26 #ArtJournal #Page by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

This is a very old map out of an old encyclopeadia. It shows East / West Berlin, and Czechoslovakia, as 2 examples of its’ oldness! I’d just had quite a massive life-change when the Berlin wall came down in 1989 when I was 12. I remember that. The white line shows some of our planned tour stops, should we ever be able to undertake this epic European road-trip.

#DocumentedLife  Week 26 #ArtJournal #Page by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

One of my ‘aspie-obsessions‘ is the 2 world wars. I read about one or the other (sometimes both) almost every day. It’s helped me learn more about the countries in Europe and given me ideas for places to visit. I want to see some of the places I’ve read so much about. Also, as a family, we’d just like to travel. None of us are particularly into the typical ‘sunshine holidays’, you know, beach, hotel, bar, pool. We much prefer going to see the sights and experience the history of a place, finding the less well-known parts and visiting the museums and galleries. Especially me. I have a massive curiosity about places and need to explore. That’s what makes it such an adventure.

So… now the three of us just need to renew our expired passports and get saving!


Documented Life: Week 25/52

#DocumentedLife #ArtJournal Week 25 by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

Week 25 of the Documented Life Project saw my 4th wedding anniversary and an obscenely large box of chocolates, a lovely custom order received from somebody in the USA, a visit from my dad, a spot of shoe/handbag shopping with my daughter and lots of index card art made and blogged.

Not forgetting the art journaling! I’ve sort of got out of the habit of using the DLP prompts for each week in my DLP planner, but that’s OK by me. Happiest when doing my own thing.

#DocumentedLife #ArtJournal Week 25 by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

See those used postage stamps in the page above? I bought a huge lot of used stamps on Etsy a few weeks ago and it’s an amazing assortment of stamps, some older than me, from all over the world! Fantastic for collage! Need a close-up?

#DocumentedLife #ArtJournal Week 25 by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

So those stamps are from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, mailed in 1978 when I was just a year old 😀

The next page was a do-over. It started out as a collage, but I hated where it was going and painted over it all. And then it became this, and I still hate it. C’est la vie!

#DocumentedLife #ArtJournal Week 25 by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

But THIS page I LOVE!

#DocumentedLife #ArtJournal Week 25 by Zoe Ford at #topfloortreasures

Why, yes, that IS all hand-lettered, in pen, without doing pencil guidelines first. I fly by the seat of my pants sometimes 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!


Documented Life: Week 24/52

#DocumentedLife Week 24 planner by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

#DocumentedLife Week 24 gelli print by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

#DocumentedLife Week 24 zendala by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

#DocumentedLife Week 24 journaling by zoe ford at #topfloortreasures

Hmm….apart from the zendala, it wasn’t a very good art journaling week last week! I was too busy focusing on work and the ICAD project!

Where work is concerned, I now have the equipment to produce my own archival fine art prints, which is WONDERFUL. No more outsourcing! So far I have a couple of prints listed over at Etsy if you fancy a look.

Do you remember when I said how I often have to blur a lot of personal stuff concerning my daughter Amber out of my photos of my art journal? Well, she spent a couple of months writing, tweaking and gaining the courage to blog about that personal stuff, so now it’s all out there and maybe I won’t have to do so much blurring any more! But seriously, it’s a great post and I’m very proud that she was able to put it out in public after 18 months of keeping it hidden.