Zendala Dare #6 and the final Summer of Colour challenge

When I saw this week’s zendala dare template, I admit I wasn’t really feeling it. I guess it turned out OK in the end although it’s still not one of my best, or one of my favourites. But I have the tools and the ability to zendoodle and I am grateful for that.

Here’s the template from The Bright Owl:

zendala template 65

and here’s what I did with it:

zendala by zoe ford

The UK heatwave continues and while I love to see the blue skies and the sun streaming in through my window, I do not function well at these temperatures. As I write this post, I am sat on my bed with the window wide open and only the very faintest of breezes coming in. But right now, it’s the coolest and quietest room in the house.

I really don’t have the energy to go and sit in the hottest room in the house where my paints are, so I’m not doing an art journal page for Summer of Colour this week. Instead, I chose the easy option and digitally coloured the above zendala with this final week’s S.O.C. challenge combo of sage green and sepia:

summer of colour 6 by zoe ford

Thanks for visiting!

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{Week 5} Summer of Colour

Just skidding in before this week’s deadline!

Colour combo to use this week = yellow & candy apple red.

Here’s my journal page which includes these colours, inspired by the UK heatwave…

hot summer days

LOTS of texture on this page! The big space at the top has been left for me to fit in some personal writing.

Hope you like it!

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Poem/Zendala Dare/Summer of Colour Combo!

I don’t have heaps of time for art this week so I thought I would combine my Summer Of Colour post with my Zendala Dare post and see where it gets me! Turns out, it got me to a really good place!

So first, here’s the Zendala Dare template that I had to work with from The Bright Owl:

Zendala Template 63 The Bright Owl

I have never yet printed out these templates. I always trace them in pencil directly from my laptop screen so that I can erase parts that I want to change, or add new parts. So here’s what I did with the template:

star zendala zoe ford topfloortreasures

Now, the Summer Of Colour challenge this week is to get creative using charcoal grey and pale pink:

I almost immediately knew what I was going to do. I shrunk my zendala on the computer and printed it out in 2 different sizes to cut out and make them into flowers. I coloured them using Staedtler ErgoSoft pencils and glued them down to a page in my art journal that I had already painted in 3 shades of grey. I took out my Rotring pen and doodled a border around the edge to connect the flowers and then wrote my poem in the middle of the page. Somebody posted a link on Facebook the other day to this template that helps you write an ‘I AM’ poem (this is a .PDF file), which is what I used to help me write mine.

I AM poem art journal page zoe ford

Hope you like it!

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Summer of Colour #3

When Kristin announced this morning that this week’s colour combo was lime green & purple I spent a while trying to figure out what I was going to create. I was stumped. I really had no idea.

Then the doorbell rang and when I answered it, packages were thrust into my hand, and one of them was my brand new Moleskine watercolour sketchbook – yaaaay! I have been looking forward to this arriving so much! It gave me a huge hit of inspiration! I had wanted to try out using Dylusions spray inks as if they were watercolour paints and this was the ideal opportunity. Unfortunately, among my Dylusions collection, I have neither green OR purple. Hmm. But I DO have the colours required to do some mixing!

I got out my latest favourite pen and drew out my design then mixed up some Dylusions inks (Bubblegum Pink + London Blue = dark purple, Bubblegum Pink + Vibrant Turquoise = pinky-purple, London Blue + Pure Sunshine = lime green!) and grabbed my ZIG Waterbrush.

Here it is!

Zen Garden by Zoe Ford / Top Floor Treasures

And for those of you who saw my post last week where I said I might give up on Dylusions because I keep forgetting to fix them….this has completely changed my mind, because using them as if they were watercolours = No Fixing Required! Woohoo! Now I can buy more colours, yes?!

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Summer of Colour #2

If you stopped by yesterday you will have seen what was on my work-desk – the beginnings of an art journal page for this week’s Summer Of Colour challenge.

woyww zoe ford

This week’s colour combo is Hot Pink & Orange. I was one of the people who voted for this colour so I’m glad it was chosen.

I really wasn’t sure where I was going with this page yesterday. I had covered the page in torn text pages, covered it all with Gesso, painted over that with Americana acrylics, sprayed through stencils with Dylusions, used decorating paste through more stencils to get a nice raised texture…but I still didn’t know how the final page would look. I knew I wanted it to commemorate my 3rd wedding anniversary (which was yesterday) but I didn’t know how.

After throwing some more paint at it, I finally had a lightbulb-moment and here’s what I ended up with:

anniversary journal page by zoe fordI like it! If I had to change one thing I wouldn’t have used Dylusions ink sprays. You can see hints of orange Dylusions where, despite every layer being totally dry before applying the next one, the Dylusions spray has come up through about 5 different layers and is showing on my arm and above my head. I KNOW I should use a fixative after spraying Dylusions, but I forget EVERY SINGLE TIME. While Dylusions are gorgeous colours, I should just stop using them because it irritates me when this happens.

Anyway! There’s my week 2 of Summer of Colour! Hope you like it!

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