Documented Life: Week 17/52

Thanks to a trip with my little family to London last Sunday, I think I’ve made one of my favourite art journal pages ever!

Documented Life, week 17 Zoe Ford Isn’t that colour combination gorgeous?! We had a fairly laid-back day in London compared to last time we went. We had a vague plan of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, but the plan went out of the window almost immediately when we took a spontaneous detour for a walk around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where we had fun playing like kids in the ‘dancing’ fountains near the stadium!

olympic park london documented life art journal zoe ford londonWe also went to a huge bookstore that Amber wanted to visit, had an ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s in Leicester Square, visited M&Ms world (which, with piped-in synthetic chocolate fragrance, made me feel sick; it was very crowded and loud and… just… the weirdest shop in the world. Literally a WTF moment: a shop dedicated to selling over-priced crap merchandise related to M&Ms. Just…why?!)


documented life project zoe ford yellow flower A short walk away from there we popped in to the National Gallery’s gift shop, photographed Amber sitting with one of the giant lions in Trafalgar Square, walked under Admiralty Arch, through St James’s Park and down The Mall to Buckingham Palace.



lizzies house

By this time, our feet were hurting, but we managed the walk down Constitution Hill to Hyde Park Corner where we sat on a bench for a rest and to eat some of the goodies we’d brought along with us.

documented life week 17 zoe ford We spent the next hour on the Tube to get to Kensington Gardens, which, if you are familiar with London, you will know is just over the other side of Hyde Park. We could have walked it in much less time. But it had started to rain. And our feet hurt a lot. By the time we arrived, it had stopped raining. We were near one of the ‘Boris Bike’ stations so we decided to hire bikes and ride through the park. That was fun!

documented life week 17 zoe ford After some more walking around looking at things, it was time for us to head home.

tube, zoe ford documented life magic zoe ford Zoe_Ford_TopFloorTreasures_2014{I didn’t do the Documented Life Project’s journaling prompt for week 17…)

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