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I’m feeling really inspired today by these beautiful photos of patterns in everyday things, so I’m going to incorporate some or all of them into a zendoodle.
Flickr Mosaic1. Colourful pattern, 2. Patterns, 3. patterns, 4. Patterns in Bahrain, 5. Pattern, 6. Pattern, 7. Patterns, 8. Pattern, 9. Patterns, 10. Patterns [Explored], 11. patterns, 12. Patterns

And on a completely unrelated note: 

I’ve decided that I will print out all the happy-making comments you readers gave me from the last week or so, and put them into my journal. I haven’t decided yet whether to put them all on one big page of love, or to put them with the relevant pages that were commented on. Either way, it’s going to be so cool to be able to go back and read them, as I flick through my journals regularly. If I don’t do this, then they just kind of get lost in my post comments or emails and it would be tricky to find them again. By putting them in my journal, I’ll have easy access for when I feel like being ‘lifted up’ and inspired to create or write.


A couple of weeks ago, I saw these two gorgeous things on Facebook by a couple of my favourite art makers. On the left, hand-painted art on a vintage book page by Louise Wall of Wall Envy Art. On the right, hand-printed art by Alex Snowdon of Snowdon Design & Craft.

Facebook Faves

These inspired me to create a journal page that incorporated the Jane Eyre quote that Louise used, and some of the design elements that Alex used.

i am no bird - zoe ford

Where do you like to look for inspiration?

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