Sketching with Sktchy

No, that’s not a typo, Sktchy is an app that I use occasionally to practice sketching faces. For the uninitiated, Sktchy members upload photos, mostly of themselves/people to the app and then other members can be inspired by those photos and ‘sketch’ their own versions of them. I say ‘sketch’ in inverted commas because the term is used loosely!

When I think of sketching it brings to mind pencil drawings. But of course, sketching can be done in many different ways – pencil, ink, paint, collage, digital painting…

I thought I’d show you some of my Sktchy work today! If you download the app and go to my Sktchy profile, you can swipe across to see the original photos the sketches were inspired by.

^ Pencil and ink

^ Pencil and ink

^ Ink and watercolours on scrap watercolour paper that already had paint splotches on.

^ Ink and watercolour. Drawn without really looking at the paper and without lifting my pen from the paper.

^ Ink and watercolour

^ Pencil and coloured pencil

^ Pencil, ink and paint markers. The woman who inspired this one has vitiligo and was the ‘Monday Muse’ on Sktchy a few weeks ago. She brought a lot of awareness to the skin condition, as well as bringing out a lot of amazing art!

Do you use Sktchy? If not, it’s free to download – give it a try, it’s lots of fun!


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