The ‘Sun Street’ Story

During the ‘Bloom True with Flora Bowley‘ painting e-course I took towards the end of 2013, I painted three 24 x 24 inch canvases. I have already shown two of them (here and here) and today I’m showing you the third, which is my favourite…


Many, many layers have gone into this canvas (as always!) as I worked it and re-worked it until I was happy with it. It went through so many transitions! By December I knew I wanted to paint some quirky houses. I tried, but the houses were too straight and conventional. Also, I had painted them into a night-time scene and it ended up looking like a giant Christmas card! Appropriate for the time of year, but no good.

I left it alone for most of January. I hung it up on the wall where I could see it all the time and I often sat ruminating over how I might transform it.

And then I got a copy of ‘Cloth, Paper, Scissors’ magazine and was hugely inspired by an article in there by fellow artist Jodi Ohl. I knew then that I needed to get some of that vibrancy and whimsy on to my canvas.

I absolutely loved creating this one. I used a lot of acrylic modeling paste through stencils to give plenty of 3D texture, which really makes you want to run your hand over it all 🙂



I added extra doodled details with acrylic paint pens, and that made all the difference; made it look finished.


Parting with this canvas is going to be difficult. But part with it I must! It’s yours if you want it.



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