{Week 1} The Documented Life Project

ADLProjectBanner2Last time I blogged I told how I am taking part in the Documented Life Project this year, but I didn’t really explain what it is!

Basically, you take a planner or notebook and it becomes your combination planner / notebook / art journal all-in-one. The DLP team presents you with a creative challenge each week which you can do or not, it’s your choice.


So, I’m using a 10 x 8 inch Moleskine 2014 Extra Large Weekly Planner with a soft cover for durability (because Moleskine + Me = True Love!) Here’s what it looked like when I bought it.

Like the DLP team, I have added in extra pages. I put a sheet of heavy watercolour paper in each week of the planner so I would have somewhere strong enough to do my painty-gluey-messy art journaling. The regular pages in this planner are really thin (but a dream to write on). My watercolour pages have been attached using a combination of Washi tapes and my own tapes that I made, in such a way that they can fold out.


Moleskine snapshot

I got the e-book version of ‘365 Journal Writing Ideas‘ by Rossi Fox and completed one of the pages in my planner using words from his book:


I used a black Pilot Permaball pen, Sakura Glaze pens and Uni Posca paint pens.

I always thought it would be nice to keep track of books I’ve read, in a geeky-cool way, so I’ve set up a double page spread where I can do just that and also keep a list of books I want to read, so I don’t forget.


In order to stay on top of things, I DO need daily tasks written down, otherwise I tend to forget them. I think this is to do with my Aspergers – if it’s not written down, it won’t get done, because I’m too hyper-focussed on the other (fun) stuff I’m doing.

DLP3_Zoe_FordIn the above photo, you can also see a key to what certain symbols mean. I got this from the Bullet Journal (www.bulletjournal.com) which is how I want to organise my days and months for this project.

I had a spare page at the beginning of the month, so I made it into a kind of title page using collage and doodles… You can also see my first month tab at the top there.


Now we come to the juicy stuff!

Here’s the last couple of days of December 2013 and the first few days of January 2014. The left page is the daily diary – things I need to remember to do, notes, etc. The right page is the first watercolour paper fold-out, attached with patterned tape on the right hand edge, so it opens out from the middle.


…and here’s that fold-out opened out. The left side was hidden underneath it in the previous photo, and shows my planner calendar for the month and list of tasks I need to get done. The right side is another fold-out (yes, underneath the first fold-out – I’m going fold-out mad!) and shows the first DLP challenge – to include a door. This door opens too!




When we unfold the door page, we see this envelope underneath which is holding all of my written journaling for the week.

DLP7_Zoe_FordFor the writing, I’ve been using a mash-up of prompts from Lisa Sonora Beam’s ROOT: 30 Day Journal and daily prompts from Rossi Fox’s book mentioned above. I have also included personal journaling about my days on the back of each journal card. The journal cards are all held together with a paperclip which is also attached to the envelope to stop them falling out.


So that’s a tour of week one in my DLP journal! I hope you enjoyed having a look at it all.

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P.S. Have you signed up for Life Book 2014 yet? It promises to be amazing! And don’t forget to check out Bloom True with Flora Bowley which starts next month – you do not want to miss this!


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