When I have a problem, it helps me to journal about it. Sometimes I will journal about it in my ‘writing journal’ and not do any art. Sometimes I just need to spew some words out all over the page, get it all out of my system, and it feels somewhat better after that.

But ART journaling is different.

boundaries close up 3 zoe ford

You can take a problem you’re having and turn it into a thing of beauty that, despite any ‘negative’ words that may be included on the page, the end result puts a smile back on your face.

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I have a problem. People over-step my boundaries. All. The. Time. Clearly, my boundaries are not strong enough, or perhaps they just aren’t clear enough.

When an artsy email newsletter arrived in my inbox earlier this week, it included some words taken from The Goddess Oracle book:



When threatened by demons I fiercely protect myself,

with all that I am, with all that I have.

From deep within I call forth all that I need.


I am the ‘inaccessible’,

for I place myself beyond the reach

of all that would destroy me,

all that would annihilate me,

all that tries to wound me.


I am the ‘unapproachable’,

for nothing can get at me

that I do not willingly let in.


I dance my dance of oneness,

only with what supports me,

matures me,

loves me.


For all that does not, I say:

approach at your own risk!

Those words are so RELEVANT to me and I decided there and then that they MUST go into my art journal. I have read these words over and over again this week and each time they make me feel a little bit stronger.

Boundaries art journal page by zoe ford topfloortreasures

Personal boundaries are SO IMPORTANT. Without them, people will take advantage of you, people will intrude upon your time when it’s inconvenient for you, people will demand things of you, people will WALK ALL OVER YOU.

boundaries close up 1 zoe ford

Listen to me: you are not a doormat. People will only treat you like one if you allow them to do so. They will do what’s important to them, even if that includes lessening the importance of the things you need to do. What you have to remember is, YOUR stuff is important to YOU. So set out your boundaries for what you will and will not accept from other people.

It will be so worth it.

I promise.

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