Welcome to Blogtember! A Life Update List:

I’m so out of the habit of blogging. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a blogger who blogged on a regular basis, but I struggled to keep it up. My friend Jax at Live Otherwise is also trying to get back into a blogging routine so I’m following her lead, so to speak. I don’t know if I’ll manage daily posts, but even weekly would be a massive improvement!

Welcome to Blogtember…

I’ll start with a list of things that have happened over the last few months:

😎 I finally received the psychologist’s report confirming my ASD diagnosis. This was a huge (and VALIDATING) moment. My daughter got me this silver and turquoise glitter badge for my 40th birthday (fromΒ doodlebeth.com) and I love it.

😎 Amber and I went to see Adele performing her homecoming concert at Wembley Stadium – she was amazing! Amber got her ticket months in advance and then they sold out. She was going on her own. A week before the event I happened to see Wembley had released a few more tickets so I decided to get one and go with her. I was incredibly lucky! We didn’t get to sit together but I was only a few rows behind her.

adele wembley stadium 2017 😎 I went with Amber and Mr F to see Green Day performing at Sheffield Arena (this is my favourite band of all time, I have adored them since I was a teenager). It was the second time I’d seen them perform, and it ranks in my top 3 of The Best Nights of My Entire Life, I can’t put into words how much I loved it! They were so much better than when I saw them in 1995.

😎 Another thing I did with Amber and Mr F was go to Pinewood Studios. We were in the studio audience of an episode of comedy gameshow Taskmaster.Β This was pure hilarity from beginning to end. We were surprised by how small the studio was compared to how it looks on TV. It took about 2 hours to film the studio-based segments of the episode which is also surprising if you’ve ever watched it. Very, very funny – I highly recommend going if there’s another series. Pinewood are extremely strict about photography on site, so I got this out of the car window while we were leaving:

😎 Using many online tutorials I taught myself how to crochet and then immediately became a volunteer for the Woolly Hugs charity, helping to make blankets for people in need. It quickly became an obsession!

😎 Last time I posted I wasn’t sure whether to keep this website up and running or move it to cheaper hosting or get rid of it completely. I eventually decided to keep it, even though it costs me quite a bit of money each year – I just can’t bear to lose it, even if I don’t update it very often. A bit of a re-jig might be on the cards when I’ve got the time and energy.

😎 My daughter Amber, who at one stage couldn’t step outside our door thanks to chronic anxiety, has come on in massive leaps and bounds (mum-brag alert!) She has passed her driving test, attended publisher events in London on her own (within days of terrorist attacks in the same locations, showing no fear), had a publisher request her manuscript for the novel she’s writing, hosted author events in person, filmed interviews with authors, been nominated for a blog award by a magazine, and got herself a new job alongside her current self-employment! Those who donated to her crowdfunder a couple of years ago will be pleased to know she recently finished college and got very good grades. There’s more of her achievements to tell, but I’d be here all day. The pride is immense. The anxiety hasn’t completely vanished – hopefully it will one day – but she has learnt to live with it.

😎 We went to visit my grandma for the first time in a long time and took her out to dinner. She hadn’t seen Amber for 3 years due to the anxiety, but she has never once complained. She is the most patient, kind and accepting person we know. My grandma is 87 and is awestruck by today’s technology. She has a very basic, calls-and-texts-only mobile phone and was astounded when I pulled out my iPhone and took this photo…she had laughter tears!

This is by no means a complete list. More to come soon.
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  1. Ah fabulous! Glad my blogging is a helpful thing – will bob a link back to you in my next blogtember post this evening πŸ™‚

    Oh helpful things, if you need a hand shifting the blog to cheaper hosting, let me know, this is the sort of thing I do, and I’d be very happy to help.

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