Autobiography in 7 Words

blogalong23This morning I read Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s ‘Art Journal Every Day’ post where she was talking about a 7-word variation on Ernest Hemingway’s ‘6-word story‘.

Julie showed her readers a lovely art journal page she had made with her own 7-word autobiography that simply stated “She felt fear but always kept going.”

I was so inspired by this that I immediately closed my laptop and got going in my art journal. I loved the 2 ‘leftovers’ pages I showed you on Wednesday so much that I decided to do another one for the setting of my 7-word autobiography.

It didn’t take me long to come up with the words…it’s the main story of my life after all, the one that has woven its way through everything else like an invisible thread. I added an extra 3 words as an epilogue.

7 word autobiography zoe ford

Can I ask you a small favour?

When your child (if indeed you have one, or more) tells you they want to be something when they grow up, please encourage them. Tell them they can do anything they set out to do. They either will or they won’t. Either way, your encouragement is important to their development.

Wishing you a happy weekend, I’ll be back tomorrow!

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